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Your small business in Knox County has had to make tough choices in the past few weeks – balancing the safety of the public and your employees with the economic well-being of your business. The public cares- and knows your business is a part of what makes Knox County special. To help you weather the stress of closing your doors, laying off staff, and reductions in your revenues, local citizens have created “Opportunity Knox”, a pay it forward campaign to help your business through this difficult time.

The concept behind Opportunity Knox is for people who love your business to buy now and benefit later in an effort to help you to keep afloat. Basically the public can go to a website and purchase a gift certificate to one or more small businesses in Knox County. Through PayPal, the gift certificate funds are funneled to your business—(You keep these records, and the customer keeps a copy of their transaction), and when Covid-19 settles down they can come and cash in on services, meals, or purchases.